Amidst the increasing turmoil of our world, God has been quietly accelerating the unfolding of His unchanging purpose. I summarized one facet of this in one of my articles in the current Mar/Apr issue of Mission Frontiers, then expanded that article in a sharable PDF file here.

The chart above represents the data for the 43 movements for which historic data is available. Another 610+ movements (650+ total) have also been reported, along with validating details.

The rapid multiplication of movements, alongside the quickening pace of other new developments, has sent me looking for:
• a better way of communicating with those interested, and
• a collaborative team to collaborate with in support of such Kingdom advances
(without overloading those who already receive too much email).

This new blog is one tool I am experimenting with toward better communicating and involving others.

If you have questions, or time and skills or other resources to contribute to a team effort:
• comment here, and/or
• text/call me at 360 420-5634, and/or
email me at RobbyQButler@gmail.com

If you have an hour or more each week, or other resources to invest strategically for God’s kingdom, I would love to interact with you about how you can:
• learn to reproduce as a fruitful disciple that makes disciples, or
• pray more effectively for multiplied movements among Frontier People Groups, or
• share in awakening Christ’s body to engage in the quietly accelerating advance of God’s purpose.

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