Spirit-led Super-Health (Overview)

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Twenty some years ago, when I was about 40, a biochemist guided me to experience the healing power of Vitamin C. Since then I have rarely been sick, and I haven’t needed any antibiotics or other prescription drugs. However I didn’t look much further into nutrition at the time.

Then in March 2020 I discovered OrthoMolecular.org while looking for a nutritional treatment to help a relative with heart failure symptoms. Dr. Hoffer’s story of discovering the health benefits of Niacin, along with my own sudden lung infection (which went asymptomatic with massive Vitamin C), stirred me to dig much deeper into nutrition. In the process I discovered that “fatalities directly attributable to adverse drug reactions are the fourth to sixth leading cause of death in US hospitals, exceeding deaths caused by pneumonia and diabetes” (pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10537962). Still today, the first place I turn with questions about nutritional supplementation is the search function at OrthoMolecular.org

Here is a distillation of the supplements I see consistently recommended (and take myself) to complement a healthy diet.
Try these for a few months and let me know if they also improve your health!

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 3g,3x/day (or more):

The most important nutrient to understand and use, in my opinion, is Vitamin C (for Covid and everything else). One beauty of Vitamin C (aka Ascorbic Acid) is that Vitamin C has no toxicity or long-term side effects. You can safely experiment and prove the benefits of Vitamin C yourself. The RDA is less than 0.1grams (90mg), but your body needs about 1,000mg (1 gram)/day to avoid heart disease (see also The Origin of Cardiovascular Disease).

As Irwin Stone discovered in a lifetime of research, nearly all animals produce their own Vitamin C from their blood sugar, and increase production 10-20x when injured or infected. Humans however have a genetic defect and must thus receive all our Vitamin C orally, by injection or by nebulization. Based on what most animals produce internally, several grams at a time, taken several times/day up to saturation or a “bowel flush,” is best for optimal health.

Injuries and infections increase your need for Vitamin C, so it helps to practice saturation doses when well so you are comfortable pursuing saturation when you feel sick, even at 10-20 times your normal capacity. Saturation Vitamin C when sick can stop the symptoms cold (like putting water on a fire).

Vitamin C is water-soluble, and your circulating blood levels drop 50% every 4 hours, so take it frequently. Start with 1 gram every few hours, then increase the amount and decrease the interval until symptoms disappear or you reach “bowel” tolerance.

See this early article on Vitamin C to assist in the prevention of Covid

Vitamin D (4,000-10,000 IU/day)

Vitamin D is also well documented as protective against all strains of the Flu, including the most recent Covid variants. Flus are “seasonal” largely because Vitamin D levels in the general population typically vary according to sun exposure. As a fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin D stays in the body for weeks. (In place of a daily dose, you can take 50,000 IU once/week as I do). Here’s an early article on Vitamin D for protection against Covid

Magnesium (any form but Magnesium Oxide) 400mg/day

Dr. Levy has written extensively on Vitamin C, with many YouTube videos as well. His research shows that Magnesium deficiency is more rapidly deadly than Vitamin C deficiency. And Magnesium levels are widely depleted by food processing, prescription drugs and exercise. (Exercise-induced heart attacks are commonly due to Magnesium deficiency.) Any form other than Magnesium Oxide is good, however Magnesium Chloride may be the best against viruses. Levy has a whole book on Magnesium, and this 2019 article can get you started.

Zinc (20mg/day) and Selenium (100mcg/day)

These are also on the list in this January 2021 article: Nutrition to Treat and Prevent Covid-19

Hydrogen Peroxide nebulization

Hydrogen Peroxide nebulization is helpful after any potential bacterial or viral exposure, and at the first sign of any respiratory distress. (A couple drops of Lugol’s 2% Iodine can also be added with great effect, as can a saturated solution of Sodium Ascorbate and/or Magnesium Chloride.) Dr. Levy again has distilled the applicable science. His recent book covers this in far more detail, expanding on this article for ending chronic respiratory infestations. Over the past year my family has repeatedly confirmed that nebulization with H2O2 when symptoms first appears puts an immediate end to sinus and lung infections. (Often we’ll add a couple drops of Lugol’s 2% Iodine, see below.)

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Like Vitamin C, Niacin is water soluble and thus should be taken several times/day. However each increase in Niacin consumption triggers a short-term side effect for a week or two, and this scares off those who don’t know to anticipate it. The side effect is a 30-60min sunburn-like flush—as blood vessels dilate and toxins and histamines are removed from cells. From what I can tell, this temporary discomfort is healthy, just like the discomfort of hard exercise is healthy. Read Abram Hoffer’s story behind, and conclusions from, the 1966 Coronary Study. Or read about my own experience.


Iodine is an essential part of the immune symptom, and widespread deficiency in the U.S. once prompted the iodizing of salt. However many Americans are again severely deficient. A good daily maintenance dose is 25 mg (25,000 mcg) of iodine (10 drops of Lugol’s 2%), and up to 50mg when sick. Friends working in India also found that 1 drop of Lugol’s 2%/10lbs of body weight in a glass of water before eating with Indian friends would prevent stomach upset afterward. Read more about Iodine.

Get more detail on treating Covid nutritionally

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