Niacin for Spirit-led Super-Health

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I (Robby) have experienced many of these benefits from taking 1-2 grams of Niacin several times/day.
  • After just a few months of taking about a gram of Niacin several times each day, my blood test reported a 50% drop in cholesterol (from 281 to 145) and a 65% drop in LDL (205 to 71)! And overall I felt MUCH better.

    For 40 years, blood tests have always shown my cholesterol near 300 (considered dangerously high), several doctors have advised me to take Statin drugs.

    I discovered Niacin while searching for “heart failure” (for a relative). After reading Dr. Abram Hoffer’s story of how Niacin’s effectiveness for reducing cholesterol was discovered I wanted to give it a try, so I ordered a $20 bag of Niacin powder from Amazon.

    When my Niacin arrived I decided to experience the worst of the “Niacin flush” up front rather than work up gradually to a therapeutic dose. So I took 1/4 tsp (about one gram), stirred into a glass of water, on an empty stomach. (Taking Niacin with food delays and reduces the flush.)

    My first flush was like a bad sunburn, but certainly bearable for the health benefits. I wish I had thought to video record that flush. If the Holy Spirit leads you to do this, consider taking a video recording of your first flush and post your “Niacin Flush Health Challenge on-line” to invite others to join you in exploring the health benefits.

    I had read that the Niacin flush would start fading within half an hour, and it did.

    I had also read that Niacin is water soluble and is thus filtered out of the blood stream in a few hours. So I began taking the same 1/4tsp (about 1 gram) every couple hours (with every glass of water).

    I knew from Dr. Hoffer’s article that the flush would be less severe with each passing dose, and this proved true.

    Since March 2020 I have thus been taking therapeutic (multi-gram) doses of Niacin several times/day I noticed a variety of “detox” reactions and health improvements occurred, mostly one after another.
    results from the dilation of blood ve:
    • The thick, dry skin on the soles of my feet peeled off in strips, leaving healthier, softer skin.
    • My skin overall became softer. For a few weeks it also seemed more subject to tearing.
    • Small red spots appeared on my chest for a few weeks then disappeared.
    • Scabs appeared on my calves, then cleared.
    • Small red spots appeared around my waist for a few weeks then disappeared.

    I revisited my list of ailments and found all of them improved and many resolved!

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