19.08.18 Hearing and Following Jesus

In recent months my family and I have hosted leaders of three separate “meta-movements” in our home. Each of these movements have led hundreds of thousands into hearing and following Jesus among multiple people groups.

The only thing I see that these movements have in common is the swiftness and simplicity with which they lead those new to trusting in Jesus to also hear and follow Him in multiplying.

And this has led me into waiting daily on Jesus for guidance in learning—along with my family—to hear and follow Jesus in multiplying.

What follows is an excerpt from my personal journal.

Jesus, What do You want to discuss today?

Here are my thoughts:

I know how to serve, support, assist and correct others. I am loyal and trusting. Yet I am poor at connecting deeply with people. I don’t know how to love as You did, even in my own family.

Fill me, Jesus. Love my family, my neighbors and the world through me. Lead me in caring and connecting deeply with those in my own household, and with those You desire me to disciple.

Jesus, You desire contagious intimacy with me and my household. What stands in the way of my household and I experiencing your contagious presence and blessing?

Here is what I hear You saying to me in response to this question:

The global culture of Christianity is largely shaped by the false assumptions that:

  • I came to give My people a comfortable life.
  • My people can claim my promise “I will be with you” without embracing the accompanying command to “go … disciple all nations.”
  • The blessing I promised Abraham—for all the family-lines of earth (Gen 12:3, etc.)—is available without following Me as Abraham did (going where I showed him).
  • That My people “know” me by accumulating scriptural insights and healthy “disciplines.” This is the same error the Pharisees made (John 5:39–40).
Those called by My name have thus mostly missed the central point:
  • I (Jesus) want contagious intimacy with you in an adventure you can’t control, in which you model and multiply faith in My Father and yours, in the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit, by hearing and following Me.
  • I will draw you closer to Me as together we fight and dispel darkness by multiplying disciples/laborers where they are lacking.
  • If your time with Me does not bring you to miraculous guidance— and empowering in multiplying disciples where they are missing—you have missed the central point of following Me!

Does your heart bear witness that this is from God?


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