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How would you depict the Injustice below visually?

I am looking for a striking visual image to help people grasp the injustice described below. Any suggestions? Note: In the following explanation I have sought to avoid common Christian and missionary terminology. Suggestions for improving this explanation are also welcome. THE GREATEST INJUSTICE? • Father God promised Abraham that every family line on earth …

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Exciting Progress Have you sensed the quickening pace of God’s unfolding purpose? Like the end of a relay race or the last minutes of a championship game, God’s global purpose is nearing a historic milestone. In Genesis 12, God promised to bless all the families of the earth. And in the Great Commission of Mt …

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Amidst the increasing turmoil of our world, God has been quietly accelerating the unfolding of His unchanging purpose. I summarized one facet of this in one of my articles in the current Mar/Apr issue of Mission Frontiers, then expanded that article in a sharable PDF file here. The chart above represents the data for the …

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2017.12.09 Faith/Abiding/Identity/Intimacy

Far too many Christians: find their own daily experience with God disappointing enough thatthey can only hope Christianity will work better for othersthan it does in their own day to day experience. Such Christians may have a rich experience of God’s long-term faithfulness, yet lack daily joy and other fruit of the Holy Spirit and are thus …

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